Thank You!!
The PNC Bank – Col. Gerald Russell United Way Day of Caring
At the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School
Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Congress finds and declares that
(a) the spirit and direction of the Nation are founded upon and reflected in its historic heritage;
(b) the historical and cultural foundations of the Nation should be preserved as a living part of our community life and development in order to give a sense of orientation to the American people; ….

Preamble to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966

Thank you to all that turned out for another very productive and memorable United Way Day of Caring at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School! It was a grand and generous effort on the part of over 100 individuals from a number of area organizations that included gardening, landscaping, painting, cleaning and polishing both inside and out.

The Day of Caring has served qualifying non-profit organizations all around Centre County, including the Centre County Historical Society for 23 years with immeasurable enthusiasm and good will.


The Mansion and School historic sites are an important part of CCHS’s preservation and programming efforts that help to tell the story of Centre County’s rich past for nearly 6000 visitors, including up over 1000 school students each year. The Historical Society maintains these treasures with a twenty-member Board of Governors, a professional staff and a dedicated cast of dedicated docents, researchers, gardeners, interns, service day and event volunteers and many more that collectively contribute over 6000 hours annually. Day of Caring Volunteers contribute nearly 1000 of these hours.

Funding for the Mansion, School and CCHS operations comes from membership, grants, business sponsorships, private donations and planned giving. In-kind donations like those that are received on the Day of Caring are crucial.

We are fortunate and grateful to live in a county that places importance on its historical, cultural and environmental resources. THANK YOU FOR CARING AND FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!

Special thanks to CCHS volunteers whose leadership efforts and contribution of lunch and other supplies went far to make the day go smoothly.

Oh behalf of the Board of Governors of the Centre County Historical Society, thank you again and again to all participating businesses, organizations and individuals [outlined below] who have graciously donated materials and labor and took time from your busy schedules to join us on the Day of Caring to make this incredible gift possible.

With great appreciation,
Mary Sorensen
Executive Director
Centre County Historical Society

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Allied Mechanical and Electrical Services
David Horner & Associates, Inc.
Harold Hoy
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping
Sherwin Williams State College

AAUW and Hubert Humphrey Fellows
Centre County Historical Society volunteers
Daughters of the American Revolution
Leadership Centre County Class of 2016
Penn State Women’s Softball and Coaches
Penn State Men’s Soccer
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Penn State Student United Way
Penn State Women’s Lacrosse
Trinity Lutheran Church
Us to PSU

Centre County Historical Society Volunteers and Contributors:

Pam Calkins
Mike Canich
Sharon Childs
Joyce Christini
Ed DeBrasky
Bob Donaldson
Elizabeth Dutton
Linda Forrest
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett
Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Chris Igo
Beverly Lipski
Lou Mayer
Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt

Ann Moellenbrock
Katie O’Toole
Olivia Perdew
Carol Philips
Sharon Pishak
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Vicki Spadaccio
Betsy Taylor
Suzanne Thompson
Floyd Todd
Linda Wallace

Staff members:
Johanna Sedgwick
Christine Tate

Food Donations:
Jill Aller
Joyce Christini
Elizabeth Dutton
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett
Steve & Carol Gentry
Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Beverly Lipski
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Gloria Nieweg
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Mary Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Betsy Taylor

Volunteering Organizations and Participants:

AAUW and Hubert Humphrey Fellows
Jennifer Hinkle Karch
Viki Guarrieri
Chriss Schultz
Naana Nti
Christine Bishop
Amy Pase
Mary Atchley
Connie Schroeder
Samantha Robertson

Daughters of the American Revolution
Rebecca Thomas
Jan Raupach
Maggie White
Linda Kao
Barb Kreamer
Lisa Kerns
Karen Hazel
Mimi Reed

Leadership Centre County Class of 2016
Maria Burhill
Susan Berbec
Autumn Busbee
Vernon Davis
Leo Georgiou
Michelle Halsell
Courtney Hayden
Eric Hurvitz
Mary Ellen Iles
Jalene Jones
Mark Long
Dave Pribulka
Jim Prowant
Lisa Rimmey
Carrie Ryan
Beth Shaha
Josh Turner
Marisa Vicere
Lisa Wandel
Morgan Wasikonis
Steven Watson

Kelly Aubuchon
Joanne DeVoir
Krista Ehringer
Amy Elliott
Song Jin
Santosh Kandregula
Nancy Kersavage
Tammy Myers
Dave Nelson
Kei Takahashi
Steve Zappe

Penn State Women’s Softball Coaches
Amanda Lehotak
Sarah Sigrest
Jen Abrams

Penn State Women’s Softball
Kristina Brackpool
Jess Cummings
Madison Shaffer
Tori Dubois
Maddie Siefert
Madey Smith
Marly Lanbach
Samantha Shannahan
Megan Williams
Delaney Elling
Christa Wagner
Mia Mongoli
Jess Haug
Destiny Weber

Penn State Men’s Soccer Team
Keith Embray
Malik Cameron
Francisco de la Camara
Noah Pilato
Stephen Kenney
Owen Griffith

Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Jeff Dice
Wayne Gates

Penn State Student United Way
Brian Caresosa

Penn State Women’s Lacrosse
Maria Auth
Madison Carter
Claire Cassie
Maggie Gallagher
Brooke Matthews
Shannon Moore
Delaney Muldoon
Cat Rainone
Kristin Roberto
Katie Schuederberg

Trinity Lutheran Church
Jay Aubuchon
Bill Campbell
Lou Mayer
Susan Mayer
Christina Pillot
Karl Raynor

Us to PSU
Fatimah Albalawi
Ziyad Almaimoni
Abdulaziz Alruwaithi
Alanoud Alsubhi
Mana Alzamanan
Mohammed Alzeer
Maram Ejaimi

Tamara Bakaeva