Thank you for a successful 2013 Stocking Stuffer!

The Stocking Stuffer Antiques, Art and fine Craft Sale, having finished its 11th year, remains the Centre County Historical Society’s largest annual fundraiser. Our annual CCHS fundraisers, loyal membership, business and individual supporters, and the thousands of volunteer hours generously given each year are critical components to our operation.  Your support helps to keep CCHS tour and history programming and initiatives alive at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg Schoolhouse and beyond.

It is with our most sincere gratitude that we thank all of you who have contributed to the Stocking Stuffer through your generous donations, time and special skills. It is the spirit that has made the Stocking Stuffer Antiques, Art & Fine Craft Sale a community tradition that gets better every year.

Our special thanks to our Stocking Stuffer Committee and Megan Orient for the multitude of hours, meticulous organization and many generous contributions to ensure the success of the Stocking Stuffer. This is a big event for us and we certainly could not do it without you.

Thank you again and best wishes for a lovely holiday season and New Year! Visit our CCHS Facebook Page to see photographs from the event!

In sincere appreciation,

Mary Sorensen, Executive Director
Jackie Melander, President
Megan Orient, Program Coordinator


Jill Aller
Susan Bowser
Katie Frieden
Cathy Horner
Honey Jaffe
Deb McManus
Megan Orient
Johanna Sedgwick
Mary Sorensen


Joyce Adgate
Jill Aller
Nolan Amos, Alpha Phi Omega
Carol Anderson
Joni Arrington
Davies Bahr
Allen & Katie Baney
Cliff Bastuscheck
Jackie Beijen-Lukens
Susan Bowser
Fran Budris
Tannis Bugaj
Pam Calkins
Monty Christiansen
Joyce Christini
Laura Contino
Ed DeBrasky
Marion & Winnie Deppen
Edna Dombrowsky
Bob Donaldson
Elizabeth Dutton
Susan Toby Evans
Diane Farr
Katie Frieden
Jordyn Gardner, Alpha Phi Omega
Marshall Garrett
Joel Greene
Steve & Carol Gentry
Annie Harvey
Bob Hazelton
Judy Heald
Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Tina Hyduke
Chris Igo
Bill & Honey Jaffe
Lynn Jaffe
Alex Kubiak
Beverly Lipski
Gloria Long
Deb McManus
Jackie Melander
Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt
Fran Mihalek
Lauren Milideo
Ann & George Moellenbrock
Gloria Nieweg
Martha Orland
Katie O’Toole
Olivia Perdew
Tammi Puskar
Deb Raykovitz
Beth Ricker
Ford Risley
Lynn Royse
Paul & Vinnie Scanlon
Janice Schaub
Johanna Sedgwick
Ralph Seeley
Lauren Shutika
Christopher Sorensen
Peter Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Judy Speedy
Lee & Dee Stout
Marsha Ann Tate
Betsy Taylor
Suzann Tedesco
Suzanne Thompson
Linda Wallace
Bonnie Walter
Linda Witmer


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