2017 Old House Fair Keynote Speaker: Ed McMahon.


As the Senior Fellow for Sustainable Development, Ed McMahon leads ULI’s worldwide efforts to conduct research and educational activities related to environmentally sensitive development policies and practices. He is also a senior staff adviser for ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative, and is a sought-after speaker and thinker on health and real estate.

Before joining the Institute in 2004, McMahon spent 14 years as the vice president and director of land use planning for the Conservation Fund in Arlington County, Virginia, where he helped protect more than 5 million acres of land of historic or natural significance. McMahon is also the cofounder and former president of Scenic America, a national nonprofit organization devoted to protecting America’s scenic landscapes. Before that, he taught law and public policy at Georgetown University Law Center for nine years, and served in the U.S. Army, both at home and abroad.

McMahon is the author or coauthor of 15 books, including Conservation Communities: Creating Value with Nature, Open Space, and Agriculture; Better Models for Development in Virginia; Developing Sustainable Planned Communities; Green Infrastructure: Connecting Landscape and Communities; Land Conservation Finance; and Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities.

He also writes regularly for Urban Land magazine, Citiwire, Planning Commissioners Journal, and other periodicals.

Over the past 25 years, McMahon has helped communities in all 50 states with a wide variety of community planning and economic development issues. He serves on several advisory boards and commissions, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Maryland, the Governor’s Institute for Community Design, the Doris Duke Charitable Fund, and the Orton Family Foundation.

McMahon has an MA in urban studies from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a JD from Georgetown University Law School. He and his wife live in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Chris Brown, RLA

Chris Brown is a Project Manager with 16 years of experience with Derck & Edson. For more than a decade, Chris has used landscape architecture as the medium to connect people, ideas, and inspiration to shape and enhance the physical and social environments in core communities. He has built a career on listening to clients and distilling their ideas into aspirational visions for the future.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University and is the immediate past President of Keystone CORE Services, a real estate development subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Downtown Center.

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Lee Cowan

Lee Cowan graduated from Penn State University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He started his own design / build business shortly after graduation.

Lee learned the basics of construction and the art of woodworking growing up in his father’s workshop. He was exposed to all types of projects, ranging from custom cabinetry fabrication, historic preservation, and 16th century ship building. With this knowledge, Lee worked on small renovation projects in Chambersburg and State College, Pennsylvania while attending Penn State. After college graduation, Lee decided to turn his experience into a career and started his own company.

Throughout his fifteen plus years in business, Lee has had the privilege of working on unique historic preservation projects, kitchen and bathroom renovations, roof replacement, and window and door repair/replacement in and around the Bellefonte and State College area.

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Mindy Crawford

Mindy Crawford is the Executive Director of Preservation Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth’s only statewide, private non-profit dedicated to the protection of historically and architecturally significant resources.  Preservation Pennsylvania acts as resource for and provides expertise to the many local and regional preservation agencies, municipalities, groups and individuals on matters related to historic preservation.   Crawford has worked in the field of historic preservation for 35 years.  Before joining Preservation Pennsylvania in 2006, she served as Executive Director of Historic York, Inc.  Her areas of expertise include architectural history, rehabilitation and restoration practices as well as fund raising; grant writing and education in the field of historic preservation. In addition, she is an adjunct faculty member at Penn State Harrisburg and York College of Pennsylvania. She holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from Goucher College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

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Scott Doyle

Scott Doyle is the Division Chief for Funding and Historical Markers programs administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  Funding programs include museum support and Keystone Historic Preservation grants and both state and federal historic rehabilitation tax credit programs.  Prior to the Commission, Doyle was employed as a construction specialist/laborer for two firms that specialized in historic rehabilitation projects in the Bucks County region, primarily working at Mercer Museum and Fonthill.  Doyle received a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Hobart College, Geneva, NY; a Certificate in Historic Preservation from Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA; and a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

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Ian Groy

Ian Groy is an ISA Certified Arborist and PA Certified Horticulturist with Bartlett Tree Experts in State College.  He graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with an Associates Degree in Landscape Nursery Technology.  Ian specializes in providing high quality tree care and pest/soil management and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. In addition to being an ISA Certified Arborist a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist he is also a Maryland Tree Expert. Ian has over 13 years experience in the Tree Care Industry.

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Sue Hannegan

Sue Hannegan has served as the Assistant Director of the Centre County (PA) Planning and Community Development Office since 2008, where she assists with community and economic development, historic preservation planning, trail ways and linkages that build economic development opportunities, and county-wide and regional comprehensive planning.  Prior to taking this position, she served as assistant manager of Bellefonte Borough, the county seat of Centre County, and was responsible for planning and community development, multi-municipal cooperation, grant administration, all aspects of the historic district administration process, and fostered consensus between local historic district ordinances and proposals for new construction and rehabilitation projects.  In the years prior to coming to Centre county she operated Historic Directions, a historic preservation consulting firm providing design and research services for local governments, and residential and commercial property owners.  Sue has participated on three “Main Street” efforts both as a board member and committee member and chair, directed the completion of a county-wide historic resource survey and its associated nomination forms for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and facilitated the adoption of a regional comprehensive plan and multi-municipal zoning under the current PA Municipalities Planning Code.  She is also the co-editor of Clinton County:  A Journey Through Time, published in 1989.  Sue holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Penn State University in Man Environment Relations and Park and Recreation Planning, respectfully.

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Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson grew up on the North Side of Pittsburgh and graduated from Penn State in 2005 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Since then, Brian has joined Envinity and has gained BPI (Building Performance Institute) and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) certifications to conduct energy audits and home energy ratings.  Since 2007, Brian has conducted nearly 1,000 home energy audits and has overseen nearly 250 home improvement projects in Central Pennsylvania.

Envinity opened its doors to the public in 2005 and has been specializing in making homes more comfortable, more efficient, and more sustainable; regarding both new homes and existing homes.  In addition to energy audits, Envinity provides design and construction services, as well as renewable energy installations; such as solar, wind, etc.

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Michael Immel

Michael Immel is a life-long resident of Centre County and an instructor of engineering and researcher at Penn State in the Harold & Inge Marcus Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering. He and his wife, Tara, are also accomplished historic home restoration enthusiasts within the Centre region, with many historic preservation awards and accolades for their projects. Their recent projects include the 1870 Valentine Mansion on East Curtin Street in Bellefonte; the 1803 Bellefonte Forge House; and an 1815 farm in Julian.

Michael’s professional research focuses on the methodology and accuracy of close range photogrammetry for manufacturing. In this technique, digital images of an object that have been taken at specific angles are used to create a point cloud, which is a large collection of points used to create 3D representation of existing structures. Michael has combined his two interests – photogrammetry and historic restoration – to develop a method for obtaining accurate measurements of historic properties. These measurements enable Michael to develop accurate 3D models of historic structures and record the original specifications of properties for historical preservation purposes.

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Mack B. Mahan. RA

Mahan has worked in the Washington DC Metro Area over the past 40 years doing design, evaluation, renovation, construction and management of commercial and residential properties for private and government clients producing value engineering, life cycle costs, environmental impact and accessibility studies, historic preservation and renovation, hazardous materials identification and removal, and ongoing facilities operation and maintenance management, with a broad base of practical and technical contract supervision experience.  Mahan currently is serving as a member of the Bellefonte Borough Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB), Bellefonte Historic and Cultural Association (BHCA), BHCA Historic Preservation Committee and the Roland Curtin Foundation.  He is a licensed Architect for DC, MD, PA, VA.

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Bonnie Wilkinson Mark

Bonnie Wilkinson Mark serves as a Principal in Delta’s Public Funding division focusing primarily on state and federal programs for historic resources.  Bonnie has over 30 years of experience in working with federal, state, and local preservation programs in Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania.  From 1997 until 2009, she was responsible for the technical review and administration of the Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit program (historic tax credits) for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  As part of her review, she worked with architects, developers, and property owners to solve complicated rehabilitation issues affecting buildings throughout Pennsylvania.  Bonnie meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications found in 36 CFR Part 61 for both Architectural History and Historic Architecture.  She is also the author of Case Studies in Affordable Housing Through Historic Preservation, Number 3: Shelly School Apartments, West York, Pennsylvania, published by the National Park Service.

Bonnie graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee and with a Master of Arts degree in Preservation-Planning from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

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Gil Morrison

Gil Morrison has over 45 years of experience in building construction, carpentry, electrical wiring, and design. He has been involved in building design, renovation, and construction in Centre County since 1978 and has run Morrison Construction in Spring Mills since 1980. Morrison Construction is a small company that specializes in construction management, and problem solving for older buildings and unusual projects. The Company and its affiliates have been involved in every aspect of adapting, improving, and conserving the built environment in Centre County. Mr. Morrison has a BA in Art and Architecture from Penn State, has worked for Kumen Associates architectural firm in Anchorage, and has variously served the State College Community Land Trust, State College Boro, and Centre County Housing Rehab program as Rehab Manager for single family renovations and upgrades since 2000. Recent work includes the lighting design and electrification of the Thompson Grainery, Lemont.

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Mike Newman

Mike Newman is the GIS Manager for Derck & Edson. He brings two decades of experience as a network administrator together with 10 years of managing geospatial projects. Using this unique perspective, his goal is to generate solutions quickly and communicate results clearly. Mike applies the tools of technologists and geographers collaboratively with designers and communities to catalyze change.  Mike holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University along with post-graduate certification in Geographic Information Systems.

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Kenneth Nuttle

Kenneth Nuttle has been a professional woodworker for over thirty years.  He owns and operates Kenneth Nuttle Historic Preservation in Williamsport.  Kenneth worked for Colonial Williamsburg as a historic cabinetmaker and joiner and also served as Professor of Preservation Carpentry at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, South Carolina.  Among his many projects are the restoration of the Old Senate Chamber at the Maryland State House, window restoration at the Hampton Plantation in McClellanville, South Carolina and the reproduction of doors and windows for the George Wythe House in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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Richard Pencek

Dick came to Penn State in 1962 as a lacrosse coach. In 1978 he left lacrosse and went into full time teaching. As a collector of early American antiques, his hobby grew into a field of study at Penn State. The first course taught was “Early Pennsylvania Decorative Arts and Furniture.” This was a hands on course with several field trips. A few years later, several students asked him if he would consider a course on restoration. He put together a syllabus, submitted it – not thinking it would ever get accepted. It was accepted and has had a great deal of success. Dick’s students have completed restoration projects in Centre and surrounding counties involving the acquisition of period windows, flooring, making hardware and the application chink and mortar.

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Elizabeth L. (Becky) Roman

Becky is a professional architectural historian with 25 years’ experience in historic preservation.  For the past sixteen years she has lived in York, Pennsylvania, working as a consultant specializing in getting projects through Federal permitting and State Historic Preservation Office review.  While on the staff at Historic York, Inc. she provided historic preservation services to the City of York and their Historic and Architectural review Board (HARB).  Her experience includes historic resources surveys, National Register nominations, property research, Section 106 compliance, archaeology, and rehabilitation review.  She served on peer review panels for the Agriculture and Suburbs Statewide Historic Contexts.  Ms. Roman is a founding board member of the Friends of Camp Security, member of the York County Heritage Preservation Advisory Committee, and a volunteer researcher in the library and archives of the York County History Center.

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Ken Saul

Ken M. Saul Jr. is the president and lead craftsman of Restoration Artisans LLC, a historic preservation company located in Berks County,  Pennsylvania.  Ken specializes in the preservation of vintage stone masonry and has been involved in numerous farmhouse, barn, and church bell tower restoration projects.    Brownstone conservation,  working with lime mortars,  ornamental stone replication, structural stone masonry repairs,  and building consultations represent some areas of his expertise .    Ken is a second generation artisan of 24 years.  He worked side by side with his father for 20 years who taught him honesty and integrity in the craft of stone masonry.   With great care, he will evaluate a structure’s specific needs and develop the proper procedure for repairs that will blend seamlessly into the existing masonry facade.

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Mary Sorensen

Mary Sorensen is the executive director of the Centre County Historical Society [CCHS], the county’s oldest and largest educational history organization, founded in 1904 and  headquartered in a 19th century house museum, the Centre Furnace Mansion.  Sorensen is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Society, as well as a restored and furnished ironmasters house museum, and one-room school house, all open to the public.  Prior to being named executive director in 2010, she served CCHS in a volunteer capacity for 10 years in the planning and development of the Mansion’s period gardens.

Sorensen oversees programming, exhibitions and county outreach that includes collaborating with other community organizations and with local, regional and state agencies.  Her other county-wide commitments include serving as a Board member with the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, and as a committee member on the Harris Township Small Area Plan Committee.  Sorensen also serves on the PA Museums board of directors.

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Bryan Swistock

Bryan is a Water Resources Extension Specialist in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Penn State University. He received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State University. For the past 29 years he has conducted research, teaching and extension programs on emerging water resources issues throughout Pennsylvania.

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Regis Will

Regis has been a woodworker, tinkerer, and maker for over 20 years. Over the last five years, Regis has begun sharing his knowledge and love of restoration with others through the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation’s education and outreach wing, the Preservation Resource Center. Through PHLF he continues to provide hands-on woodworking, preservation, and restoration workshops. This experience along with his love of woodworking, old houses, and a strong curiosity about pre-industrial construction led Regis, along with his wife Colleen, to found Vesta Home Services in 2014. Vesta specializes in helping people restore, maintain, and responsibly renovate old homes with a focus on traditional finish carpentry, restoration, and maintenance planning & space design. Regis lives in an 1880’s folk Victorian home in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Colleen, their two young children and dog.

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Glenn A. Vernon

Glenn Vernon is a PA licensed architect and a principal in the firm of Albertin Vernon, a full-service architecture, planning and design firm located in the historic hamlet of Logan Mills, PA. Glenn’s 2014 paper, Becoming Makers and Manufacturers Again, a 25 year vision for Growing an Economy Built to Last in the Forested Regions of the Commonwealth, Where the Future Still Grows on Trees, was at the top of the list of 10 papers reviewed by 3 dozen experts serving on the Governor’s Green Ribbon Task Force on Forest Products, Conservation and Jobs. In addition to serving on the Governor’s task force, he also serves on an advisory board to the Pajama Factory, a 300,000 square foot arts related incubator and maker space located in a repurposed pajama factory in Williamsport, PA.

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Craig Zabel

Craig Zabel, Head, Department of Art History Penn State (Ph.D., University of Illinois) has taught architectural history at Penn State for thirty-one years. He teaches American and modern architecture including courses on “Arts & Crafts Architecture & Design,” and “Frank Lloyd Wright and his Contemporaries.” His recent publications include several essays on American architecture in The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History.

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