The Large Ivy Bed on the west side of the mansion is sprinkled with English wood hyacinths (Scilla rosabella). It was created by John Ziegler and is a memorial gift from John and his wife, Jane, to honor their parents, Ray and Nellie Shockey and John and Sara Ziegler. In 2005, Marshall Garrett donated 100 mixed daffodils to be planted in the ivy bed on the PNC United Way Day of Caring.

The Tool Sheds located behind and to the east of the Centre Furnace Mansion were seriously deteriorated, and were all that remained of what had been a collection of small accessory buildings at Centre Furnace.  They were rescued by Penn State students through an American Studies hands-on restoration class, under the direction of faculty member Dick Pencek.  One may have served as a garden-related building to an earlier nearby large orchard.  It now is housing garden tools and supplies.  The other now serves as an exhibit location for early tools.  The gardens that border these historic sheds have been evolving over the past few years to include a variety of iris, hosta roses, bleeding heart among others.  The sheds provide an interesting backdrop for a number of perennials.