The Wildlife Garden began as a class project of student’s Joshua Beblo and Cody Brazell for the Integrative Arts Class at Penn State. They have taken on this garden as an ongoing project that they have seen through developing a plan and have begun work to renovate. Invasive plants, such as honeysuckle, will be gradually removed and more desirable native trees, shrubs and plants will be planted in their place.

The Wildlife Garden area will showcase both plants that grow in meadows and along the forest edge as well as plants you would find deeper in the forest. These plantings are also wildlife friendly.

The Wildlife Garden currently consists of walnut, maple and locust trees, many invasive honeysuckle shrubs, and Virginia Creeper to name a few. During a student work day in September, the Integrative Arts Class cleared much of this area to prepare it for an initial planting and light layer of mulch to help the new plants become established. The planting and mulch was done during the 2006 PNC Bank-United Way Day of Caring.