Thank You!!

The PNC Bank – Col. Gerald Russell United Way Day of Caring
At the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School
Thursday, October 2, 2014

 It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation
with the present over a mutual concern for the future.
-William Murtagh, first keeper of the National Register of Historic Places

The Centre County Historical Society extends our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make 2014 PNC Bank–Col. Gerald Russell United Way Day of Caring at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School a great success.

Last Thursday, CCHS welcomed with eager anticipation nearly 200 individuals from a diverse group of organizations coming together to accomplish a wide range of indoor and outdoor wish list tasks at the Centre Furnace Mansion and Boogersburg School!

The Day of Caring has served as an infusion of great enthusiasm and enormous productivity for qualifying non-profit organizations all around Centre County for 21 years. Those of you who have volunteered during the United Way Day of Caring likely have a full appreciation for the impact that this day has for Centre County.

We want to be sure that you understand this important role when you contribute your time, talents and resources on this day to the Centre County Historical Society…

The Mansion and School historic sites are a critical part of CCHS preservation programming efforts that help to tell the story of Centre County’s rich past for nearly 7000 visitors, including over 1500 school students each year. The Historical Society maintains these treasures with a twenty-member Board of Governors, a professional staff and a remarkable cast of dedicated docents, researchers, gardeners, interns, and many more that collectively contribute over 6000 hours annually. Day of Caring Volunteers contribute nearly 1000 of these hours.

Funding for the Mansion, School and CCHS operations comes from membership, grants, business sponsorships, private donations and planned giving. In-kind donations like those that are received on the Day of Caring are crucial.

We are fortunate and grateful to live in a county that places importance on its historical, cultural and environmental resources. THANK YOU FOR CARING AND FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!

Thank you again and again to all participating businesses, organizations and individuals [outlined below] who have graciously donated materials and labor and took time from your busy schedules to join us on the Day of Caring to make this incredible gift possible.

With great appreciation,
Mary Sorensen
Executive Director
Centre County Historical Society

Business and Organizational Partners who sponsored with materials and in-kind services:

David Horner & Associates, Inc.
Home Depot, State College
Lowe’s Home Improvement Store State College
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Sherwin Williams State College
Subway State College
TRB Construction

Volunteering Organizations:

Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Penn State Federal Credit Union
Penn State Fencing
Penn State Football Team
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Penn State NROTC
RSVP of Centre County
Reliance Bank
Sigma Nu Fraternity
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Preparation before day)

Centre County Historical Society Volunteers and Contributors:

Jill Aller
Carol Baney
Susan Bowser
Pam Calkins
Sharon Childs, Coordinator
Monty Christiansen
Joyce Christini
Ed DeBrasky, Photography
Bob Donaldson
Elizabeth Dutton
Susan Toby Evans
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett
Steve and Carol Gentry
Judy Heberling
Linda Hershey
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Chris Igo
Annie Klodd

Centre County Historical Society Volunteers and Contributors:

Felicia Lewis
Beverly Lipski
Lou Mayer
Deb McManus
Jackie Melander
Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Martha Orland
Katie O’Toole
Carol Phillips
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Johanna Sedgwick
Dennis Sheehan
Mary Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Christine Tate
Betsy Taylor
Suzann Tedesco
Vin Tedesco
Floyd Todd
Jan Villastrigo
Bonnie Walter

Food Donations:

Jill Aller
Carol Baney
Sharron Childs
Joyce Christini
Elizabeth Dutton
Susan Toby Evans
Katie Freiden
Marshall Garrett
Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Chris Igo
Felicia Lewis
Beverly Lipski
Jackie Melander
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Linda Hershey
Martha Orland
Megan Orient
Lynn Royse
Dennis Sheehan
Mary Sorensen
Vickie Spadaccio
Betsy Taylor
Linda Wallace

David Horner & Associates, Inc.
David Horner
Chris Garbrick
Brian Volk

Jeff Adams
Kelly Aubuchon
Gena Barony
Katrina Bautista
Denise Chester
Gina Corl
Jon Costello
Candy Day
Danelle Del Corso
Amy Elliott
Peg Farrell
Nancy Fetters
Christian Fosmire
Amanda Giffin
Stephanie Gordon
Song Jin
Santosh Kandregula
Nancy Kersavage
Casey Knepp
Mary Langton
Joe LeCouvre
Lie-Ken Lee
Monica Meagher
Kelly Millard
Tammy Myers
Dave Nelson
Marjie Nye
Zac O’Donnell
Erin O’Shaughnessy
Sharon Phillips
Jill Sanderson
Kei Takahashi
Dan Turenne
Laura Tyson
Marilyn Wheatley
Laurie White
Steve Zappe

Penn State Federal Credit Union
Gail Jones
Tina Hepfer
Linda Pelten
Lori McTavish
Donna Trapp
Connie Wheeler

Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Amanda Applegate
Mairin Augustine
Scott Barbara
Mandee Davis
Beth Egan
Catherine Jantzer
Tina Meyers
Beth Oberdick
Diana Poorman
Pete Regopoulos
Ann Shuey
Cynthia Stifter
Dawn Taylor
Aaron Wagner
Susan Worley

Penn State Materials Research Institute
Joanne Aller
Lisa Kassab

Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Drew Beben
Forrest Burghard
Corby Fetterholf
Ken Hockenberry
Wayne Gates
Don Hassinger
Nate Haupt
Steve Kutches
Norm Parks

Penn State Fencing
Jacqueline Rozpedowski
Hunter Walker
Najiyyah Clark
Jarrett Lewis
Nicolas Graziano
Chris Lee
Khalil Thompson
Conor Shepard
Daniella Ortiz
Jessica O’Neill
Desree Ortega-Furgeson
Dhananjay Bhaskar
Sara Moore
Julia Higson
Nobuo Bravo
Maxwell Kleeman
Ian Gregory
Jessie Tadanovich
Teodora Kakhiani
Michael Brand

Penn State Football Team
Marcus Allen
Mark Allen
Noah Beh
Saeed Blacknall
Neil Bodley
Nick Boumerhi
Brendan Brosnan
Torrence Brown
Troy Apke
Jason Cabinda
Chris Campbell
Adam Debeof
Kyler Diehl
Louie DiBileo
Will Eikenberry
Koa Farmer
Billy Fessler
Seth Ford
Mike Gesicki
Chris Godwin
Andrew Gucken
Grant Haley
Luke Hayek
Joe Holmes
Joey Julius
Robby Liebel
Tracce McSorley
Steven Myers
Andrew Nelson
Michael O’Connor
Amani Oruwariye
Daniel Pasquariello
Troy Reeder
Nicholas Scott
Charlie Shuman
Chance Sorrell
Evan Steinfield
Troy Stivason
Johnathan Thomas
Deandre Thompkins
Javon Turner
Kyle Vasey
Antoine White
Daquan Worley
Chasz Wright

Penn State Athletics
John Fritz

Penn State Student United Way
Brian Caresosa
Andrea Stanton
Lina Tran

Reliance Bank
Cindy Mock

RSVP of Centre County
Kathy Karchner
Bob Kidder
Sandra Podgurski
W.F. Reiber

Sigma Nu Fraternity
Brandon Cratty
Tyler Delk
Tom Eustis
Adam Fennel
Benjamin Grether
Lewis Hernandez
Andrew Neave
Tyler Petti
Alex Ross
Salvatore Ross
Andrew Schreiber
Shaan Suton
Hang Yang

TRB Construction
Ted Brown
Dave Winters

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Adam Albert
Gray Bryant
Matt Pellegrino
Zach Waller

Penn State NROTC
Alan Sobocinski
Rodney Mille

Independent Volunteers
Joel Greene
Sharon Pishak
Elizabeth Betts

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