Thank you to everyone for a successful 2017 Plant Celebration!! The weather was certainly better than predicted, and everything ran very smoothly thanks to the many, many hours of careful planning and preparation of all involved.
Special thanks to Beverly Lipski and Katie Frieden [and of course Noo Noo] for their many hours of planning and coordinating preparation hours this spring. And many, many thanks to CFM Gardeners Judy Heberling, Mike Husband, Marshall Garrett [and Marshall’s truck], Jan Villastrigo, Ruth Merritt, Chris Igo, Lou Mayer, Jan Villastrigo, Mike Canich Joyce Christini, Vicki Spadaccio, Jo Merrell, Floyd Todd, Judy Heberling, and Carol Phillips, Suzann Tedesco, Susan Toby Evans, Fran Nufer, Susan Bowser.
A special nod to Mike Husband and Floyd Todd for bringing order to the parking lots in the morning!! And also to Carol Phillips for working for a whole day to clean up the Kitchen Garden last week and for creating an educational handout and giving tours of the Kitchen Garden during the sale. And thank you to Jan Villastrigo for keeping the master file of all of the plants sold at the sale and overseeing labeling for nearly 1000 plants.
And, of course, kudos to the Kokedama team that made well over $300 – go moss balls!! Thank you Ruth Merritt, Beverly Lipski, Chris Igo, and Katie Frieden for your time and donations for this project, it was a good one!
Many thanks to those who handled over 30 Mansion and exhibition tours – Betsy Taylor, Pam Calkins, Elizabeth Dutton, Bonnie Walter, Diane Farr and Ann Moellenbrock. And thank you to Johanna Sedgwick who with coordinated our plant sale vendors, managed an ambitious social media schedule and kept a lot of balls in the air around the edges!
And for popping in with plant donations, thank you to Steve Wheeler, Michele Ebaugh, Lucy Boyce, Suzanne Thompson, and Shari Edelson.