A Million Thanks!!
24th Annual PNC Bank – Col. Gerald Russell
United Way Day of Caring

At the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School
Thursday, October 5, 2017

“The Americans who came before us built this country on the strength of their hopes, hard work, and perseverance. Now you are using those same qualities to help share our history with today’s Americans and those of tomorrow. Every volunteer shows that we all have a role to play in shaping a better future, and we can do it by honoring our past”. 

~Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States

Many, many thanks to all organizations and individuals who volunteered and contributed to the 24th Annual United Way Day of Caring last week at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School! Nearly 100 volunteers and organizations participated in doing everything from tree work to painting to cleaning to landscaping and gardening to other projects inside and outside at both sites.

24 years of volunteer service and organizational contributions, over 15,000 hours of time, friends and colleagues forged, and talent and passion for doing whatever is needed all speaks to this day. The impact it has had for the Centre County Historical Society (CCHS) and the Mansion and School historic sites has been beyond measure and critical to our maintenance efforts to keep these properties looking their best. Nearly 6000 visitors, including over 1000 elementary age students, annually enjoy the Mansion and School and their appreciation for the beauty of both sites gives us a welcome opportunity to tell visitors about the United Way Day of Caring and all who participate as part of our inspiring CCHS volunteer story.

As participants, we hope you have gained personal satisfaction for being part of an exceedingly productive day as much as we enjoyed and appreciated having you, and also for being part of a community that embraces and appreciates its historic and cultural treasures and critical human services throughout all of Centre County.


United Way, we cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to take part in this transformational day!


Oh behalf of the Board of Governors of the Centre County Historical Society, we extend our deepest gratitude for all [outlined below] who have graciously donated materials and labor and took time from your busy schedules to join us on the Day of Caring to make this a magical day.

With great appreciation,
Mary Sorensen
Executive Director
Centre County Historical Society


Support for the Mansion, School and CCHS operations comes from membership, grants, business sponsorship, private donations, planned giving and in-kind donations, like those that are received on the Day of Caring. With that, we extend our grateful thanks for the professional contributions of Penn State OPP for their help with our trees and landscape, Penn DOT who cleared the brush near the historic Furnace Stack, to David Horner & Associates, Inc. who provided preparation work for staining our historic outbuildings, and to Home Depot who provided paint and stain for Day of Caring projects.

Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Centre County Maintenance Organization 

David Horner & Associates, Inc.
Home Depot, State College

Special thanks to all whose leadership and contributions made the day’s activities run seamlessly and enjoyably and for all of your hard work and good will (Group coordinators in bold):
Centre County Historical Society Volunteers
Daughters of the American Revolution
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Centre County Maintenance Organization
Penn State Men’s Soccer
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Penn State Student United Way
State College Area School District

Centre County Historical Society Volunteers and Contributors:

Joni Arrington
Joyce Christini
Ed DeBrasky
Elizabeth Dutton
Katie Frieden
Bob Igo
Marshall Garrett

Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Beverly Lipski
Lou Mayer
Ann Moellenbrock
Katie O’Toole
Olivia Perdew 
Sharon Phillips
Carol Phillips
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Joy Schon

Vicki Spadaccio
Betsy Taylor
Jan Villastrigo
Linda Wallace
Bonnie Walter 

CCHS Staff Members
Mary Sorensen
Johanna Sedgwick

Food Donations:
Jill Aller
Joni Arrington
Joyce Christini
Elizabeth Dutton
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett

Judy Heberling & Mike Husband
Cathy Horner
Bob Igo
Beverly Lipski
Ann Moellenbrock
Gloria Nieweg
Katie O’Toole
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Johanna Sedgwick
Mary Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Betsy Taylor
Suzann Tedesco
Jan Villastrigo
Bonnie Walter

Daughters of the American Revolution
Karen Hazel
Linda Kao
Toni Kearns
Lisa Kerns
Barb Kreamer
Jan Raupach
Mimi Reed – Coordinator
Rebecca Thomas
Maggie White

Andy Arndt
Kelly Aubuchon
Katrina Bautista

Dustin Breon
Peter Colletti

Nicole DeFazio
Joanne DeVoir
Stephanie Gordon
Song Jin
Monica Meagher
Kelly Millard
Carolina Pulido
Dave Nelson – Coordinator
Kei Takahashi
Matt Tormay
Laura Tyson
Steve Zappe

Centre County PennDOT
Jeff Collins, Centre County Assistant Maintenance Manager
Mike Heitzenrater, District Roadside Development Specialist
Chris Maney, Centre County Maintenance Manager
David Matheson, Assistant District Administrator of Maintenance
Karen Michael, PE District Engineer

Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Bob Barbara
Janet Barbara
Joy Barbara
Judy Barbara
Scott Barbara – Coordinator
Julie Brenneman
Lee Carpenter
Mary Ellen Degnan
Ryan DiSanto
Cyndi Meyers
Tina Meyers
Amy Mitchell
Anna Shuey
Sara Krum Smith
Jon Wolfe
Julie Wood

Penn State Men’s Soccer Team
Arin Ammann
Sam Bollliner
Mikey Conneh
Mac Curran
Daniel Gonzalez
Brennan Ireland
Travis Keil
Stephen Kenney
Josh Levine
Austin Maloney
Noah Pilato
Nick Reiple
Destiny Rodriguez
Christian Sload
Cameron Steele

Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Brian Phiel, Supervisor, Grounds Maintenance, Ornamental Horticulture/Arboriculture
Drew Beben
Corby Fetterolf
Nate Haupt
Norm Parks
Jeremy Vonada
Teresa Barger
Nathan Cromley
Daniel Frechen
Katie Hallin
Don Hassinger
Theresa Heaton
Jason Hockenberry
Jeff Jodon
Colleen Perryman
Joe Plummer
Amy Sward

Penn State Student United Way
Patrick Hryckiewicz
Titi Tran

State College Area School District
Mary Corl
Olivia G.
Josh H.
Billie Jo Hoover
Lee Ann Patterson


Elizabeth Betts
Mary & Ron Carbonara
Laura Jones
Judge Thomas Kistler
Hazel Rubinkam