Thank you for the 2015 Stocking Stuffer
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With enthusiastic thanks and great appreciation, we thank all who contributed to the 13th Annual Stocking Stuffer Antiques, Art and fine Craft Show to make it the most successful ever!

Special thanks to Mimi Barash Coppersmith for her personal sponsorship and support of this year’s event. Mimi has been a long-time member and supporter of CCHS, and we deeply appreciate this contribution.

Bouquets of gratitude to florists Avánt Garden, Daniel Vaughn Designs and Woodrings Floral Gardens for decking the Mansion’s hall with stunning donated holiday finery. And thank you to Tait Farm Trees for donations of trees and the Centre Furnace Gardeners for their donations and time contribution in beautifully decorating the exterior of the Mansion. Do make time to visit the Mansion before Christmas to take in the balsam fir scented decorations; they will be on display until December 23.

The Stocking Stuffer event is only possible because of the many, many business contributors, CCHS members and volunteers who contribute time, supplies and amazing talents, and gifted artists, antique dealers and crafters who participate. As the event has grown, so too has this grand effort that has made the event a traditional community entrée to the holiday season.

Special thanks to our gifted volunteer Stocking Stuffer Co-coordinators who had a hand in everything from months of meticulous planning, creating marvelous products to sell, to crafting an inventory check-in / check-out system to help us better manage the event:

Cathy Horner, Event Co-coordinator
Deb McManus, Event Co-coordinator
Becky Dreese, Inventory Coordinator

Our special thanks to the businesses that contribute both through program advertising, in-kind food and other contributions.

Our hats are off to the 2015 Stocking Stuffer committee along with members and volunteers and for their passion, hundreds of hours of time, organization and many generous donations to ensure the success of the Stocking Stuffer.  Special thanks to CFM Docents and all who made pomanders, knitted gifts and baked goods for the event.  We could not do this without you.

CCHS relies on business and individual supporters, its loyal membership, fundraisers, and literally thousands of hours of volunteer time that are generously given each year. It is a critical component to our operation. Your support helps to keep history programming and initiatives alive at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg Schoolhouse and beyond.

There are not enough ways to say thank you.

May your Holidays and New Year bring you peace and many joys!

Mary Sorensen                                            Katie O’Toole
Executive Director                                      President CCHS

CCHS Staff
Johanna Sedgwick, Marketing and Events Coordinator
Christine Tate, Administrative Assistant

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Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Acoustic Brew Concerts
Pam & Chris Calkins
Centre County Genealogical Society
Centre Furnace Mansion Docents
Centre Furnace Mansion Gardeners
David Horner & Associates: 814-466-7996
Carol & Steven Gentry
Judy Heberling & Michael Husband
David Lembeck
Jerry Jackson, pewter artist
National Penn
SFC Asset Management Inc.

Avánt Garden
Centre Furnace Mansion Garden Committee
Daniel Vaughn Designs
Woodrings Floral Gardens
Tait Farm Christmas Trees
Centre Furnace Mansion Gardeners

Jill Aller
Joni Arrington
Susan Bowser
Pam Calkins
Becky Dreese
Cathy Horner
Deb McManus
Lynn Royse
Marsha Ann Tate
Betsy Taylor
Linda Wallace
Linda Witmer


Kelly Doyle
Britni Greenleaf
Blue Mountain Quality Resources:
Lisa Bowman
Matt Litzinger
Keith Kyle
Girl Scout Troop #40436
Hannah Bryan
Karen Bryan
Ellie Franklin
Nicole Franklin
Allie Zajak
Penn State Students Engaging Students:
Katie Bergeman
Conor Daley
Caroline Keyser
Hannah Maddox
Aly Maser
Taylor Sweeney
State College Friends School – Peace Choir

Mary Addis
Joyce Adgate
Molly Allan
Joanne Aller
Betty Arnold
Davies Bahr

Laura Contino
Connie Cousins
Edna Dombrowsky
Bob Donaldson
Vicky Droll
Elizabeth Dutton
Susan Evans
Diane Farr
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett
Joel Greene
Jan & Bob Hazelton
Judy Heberling
Jeanne Homan
Michael Husband
Chris Igo
Lynn Jaffe
Lisa Kinyon-Coggins
Silvi Lawrence
Beverly Lipski
Lou Mayer
Linda Marshall
Mary McLaughlin
Jackie & Gene Melander
Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt
Anne Messner
Deborah Meszaros

Lauren Milideo
Ann Moellenbrock
Gloria Nieweg
Katie O’Toole
A.T. Pelikan
Olivia Perdew
Carol Phillips
Sharon Phillips
Deborah Raykovitz
Ford Risley
Dolores Simpson-Rose
Paul Scanlon
Vinnie Scanlon
Joy Schon
Brian Sedgwick
Dennis Sheehan
Leslie Shelleman
Christopher Sorensen
Peter Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Judy Speedy
Tom Stephenson
Dee Stout
Lee Stout
Suzanne Thompson
Bonnie Walter
Donna Weldon-Shaak
Nancy Wolf
John Ziegler

And THANK YOU to all of our participating artists and antique dealers!