The 2015 John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards presentation is available in its entirety for you to view online.  The CNET filming was sponsored by the Centre County Government.

For over 25 years, the Centre County Historical Society has recognized various individuals and groups for their outstanding work in helping preserve and interpret Centre County’s history. View the list of Award Recipients – 1988_to_present here.

The recipients of the CCHS 2015 Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation are:  

  • For Education and Advocacy – Town & Gown Magazine: Currently celebrating its 50th year, Town & Gown has been committed to exploring and publicizing local history. From its start in 1966, it has featured stories that highlight local people, places, and traditions. 
  • For Preservation and Restoration – The Pennsylvania State University: The Land-Grant Frescoes that grace the walls of Old Main were created by the nationally famous muralist Henry Varnum Poor in the 1940s. More than six decades later, the University dedicated the resources to restore the artwork which had been degraded by time, pollution, and a shifting foundation.
  • For History and Heritage – The Pine Grove Mills Union Cemetery Board of Directors: From 1832 to 1914, the Pine Grove Mills Union Cemetery was the burial site of local residents including veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. In a multi-year project, the PGMUC Board of Directors and volunteers researched and wrote about the people buried in the cemetery and compiled the information into a three-volume book series that tells a larger story of life in 19th century Pine Grove Mills. 
  • The Jacqueline J. Melander Award – Ron and Sue Smith: Built in 1885, the John L. Thompson Grain Elevator and Coal Sheds, commonly known as the Granary, have become the focal point of the Lemont Historic District. Long-time Lemont residents Ron and Sue Smith spearheaded both the effort to restore and preserve the Granary and to create annual events held in the Granary and on the surrounding Village Green that recall the stories and community traditions of the past.
  • CCHS President’s AwardRalph Seeley: The recipient of this award will be announced on the day of the awards presentation. The award recognizes a person or organization that has made a long-term and significant contribution to the preservation of Centre County history.  The President’s Award honored Ralph Seeley, a long-time member of the Board of Governors who has researched and written about the Native American paths that cross Central Pennsylvania and has helped hikers to enjoy those paths through his decades of trail maintenance.


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The 2014 John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards presentation is available in its entirety for you to view online.