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The 2013 PNC Bank Centre County United Way Day of Caring
At the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg Schoolhouse
Thursday, October 3, 2013

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The Day of Caring is a countywide day of service for qualifying non-profit organizations that engages individuals and organizations to help improve our communities. We annually and eagerly anticipate the Day of Caring at the Centre County Historical Society with great enthusiasm and gratitude!

Each year, individuals, area businesses and organizations bring their generous spirit, talents, contributions of materials and good food to help accomplish a long list of projects. Many volunteers use vacation or personal time to contribute to the Day of Caring. This gift goes far to help CCHS to maintain and enhance the historic properties in our care for the public, and we are very grateful.

DOC 2013 (13)On Thursday, October 3, nearly 250 volunteers arrived at The Centre Furnace Mansion and Boogersburg Schoolhouse throughout the day. Centre County United Way Day of Caring Ambassadors Colonel Gerald F. Russell, USMC Ret. – Chair, Lloyd A. P. Rhoades, Jr.; Manager, PSU Central Services – Board Member; Tammy Gentzel, CCUW Executive Director and Beth Shaha, CCUW Special Events Coordinator were some of the first to arrive as they began their visits to project sites throughout Centre County.

Volunteers were greeted by registration staffed by CCHS’s: Jackie Melander, Jill Aller, Lynn Royse, Lee Stout, Deb Raykovitz, and Deb McManus as everyone signed in and got their assignments, a cup of coffee and donuts to fuel their morning!


DOC_2013_mo (3)

The Gardens and Grounds were already buzzing at sunrise with equipment, landscape professionals and arborists from Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture. The beautiful trees and grounds at the Mansion and School benefit from annual work to help keep them their best. Arborists worked on several trees at the Centre Furnace Mansion, a true gift that helps minimize storm damage, improve the landscape and increase the longevity of the Mansion’s trees.

DOC 2013 (49) DOC 2013 (17) DOC 2013 (26)

Garden improvements played a leading role in the landscape this year and included the addition of a beautiful stone patio in the Shrub Garden to provide visitors with a place to enjoy the gardens and Mansion view. This garden features white flowering shrubs, bulbs and perennials and a memorial bench donated by friends and family of Effie Zuck. The garden will now certainly be a prominent feature. The stone was donated by Flynn Stone of Lakewood, PA. The Gazebo Garden saw improvements with replaced steps to provide a more stable entrance.

DOC 2013 (31) DOC 2013 (33) DOC 2013 (52) DOC 2013 (43) DOC 2013 (53)

Less visible, but of great importance, is a rain drainage system that was installed to help wick away water that has been pooling near the Hearth Room Door during unusually heavy rains. It was tested in the heavy rain only days later and passed wonderfully!

DOC 2013 (12)Sincerest thanks to Lloyd A.P. Rhoades Jr., Penn State Manager of Central Services, Ryan McCaughey, Penn State Manager of Grounds, Refuse and Equipment  and Jeff Dice, Penn State Supervisor of Grounds Maintenance for continuing to contribute in this way. And special thanks to Wayne Gates and Kris Edson leading efforts on behalf of OPP and for the extra attention to detail and preparation for these projects. Penn State OPP Landscape Department has been contributing to the Day of Caring for eight years and it is easy to see not only the visual improvement, but enhanced public accessibility of the grounds at Centre Furnace Mansion and Boogersburg School over these years.

DOC 2013_WildlifeGarden

Many, many thanks to CFM Gardeners Chris and Bob Igo, Katie Frieden, Carol Phillips, Susan Bowser, Suzann and Vin Tedesco, Judy Heberling, Mike Husband, Jo Merrell, Floyd Todd, Susan Bachman, Ruth Merritt, Vickie Spadaccio, Carol Baney, who led work throughout the Day of Caring in the gardens to help prepare them for winter. Over 300 heirloom bulbs, several trees, shrubs and plants were donated by Chris Igo, Judy Heberling, Marshall Garrett, Beverly Lipski, Carol Phillips, Ruth Merritt, Katie Frieden, Joyce Christini, Jeff Bower, Peter Stadler and Steve Wheeler. Compost and mulch were added to the beds after much weeding and cleanup was done by groups from Minitab, Penn State Smeal MBA Program, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Morgan Academic Support Center for Student Athletes, and Reliance Bank. The CFM Gardeners work weekly throughout the growing season to plan, plant, maintain, help with our spring Plant Celebration and much more. The Day of Caring is a huge boost that helps us to get heavier work done to keep the gardens looking their best.

DOC 2013 (2) DOC 2013 (56) DOC 2013 (20) DOC 2013 (5) DOC 2013 (50)

Across Porter Road, Bob Hazelton led an effort to clear brush from around the trail and in the drainage swale.  And not many can say they’ve weeded a furnace stack!

Energetic, and strong, Penn State Students enthusiastically arrived by the dozens throughout the day from the Penn State Naval ROTC – Bravo Company, Penn State Football Team, Phi Beta Sigma and the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Each leaned in with a sea of wheelbarrows and shovels willing to spread mulch and compost and do whatever needed to be done. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity came the day prior to help us with preparation for the Day of Caring. The 19th century inspired grounds at Centre Furnace Mansion never looked so lovely!

DOC 2013 (4) DOC 2013 (45) DOC 2013 (8)

Inside, the walls in the Mansion’s Dining Room and Founders’ Room received two fresh coats of paint donated by Sherwin Williams. Thanks to Brian Volk and Todd Schilling from David Horner & Associates, Inc. and several detail oriented volunteers from Minitab, the walls look splendid! Special thanks to Brian and Todd for the care taken in preparing these rooms to be painted. David Horner and Sherwin Williams have been generously donating services and products on the Day of Caring to CCHS for 5 years.

DOC 2013 (3) DOC 2013 (11) DOC 2013 (60) DOC 2013 (59)

Thank you to Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Services, Inc. owner, Doug Moerschbacher, who donated rug cleaning services. The two reversible woven rugs that are featured in these rooms are now bright and clean as the walls!

Painting outside focused on the detailed trim work of the exhibit and garden sheds led by Ray Forziat with Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in State College. Ray was joined by a dedicated group of painters from Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence with paint donated by Lowe’s and Valspar Paint.

DOC 2013 (28) DOC 2013 (55) DOC 2013 (58) Rotate


Much work was also being done at the Boogersburg Schoolhouse with help from RSVP of Centre County, Penn State College of Health and Human Development and RJ Reynolds led by Sharon and Eric Childs, Suzanne Thompson and Bob Donaldson.

DOC 2013 (36) DOC 2013 (41) DOC 2013 (19) DOC 2013 (18)

Outside, the pedestrian bridge was re-stained, picnic tables sealed and outbuildings painted with paint donated by Lowe’s and Olympic Paint and Sharon and Eric Childs. How many times to you get to paint an outhouse? The pedestrian trail to the open space from the school, as well as trees and shrubs were given a good coating of mulch.

DOC 2013 (39) DOC 2013 (37) DOC 2013 (54) DOC 2013 (57) DOC 2013 (38)

The inside of the Schoolhouse received a thorough cleaning to get ready for the hundreds of students attending the Schoolhouse for programs over the coming months.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our great thanks for all of the good food donated by Subway of State College and our CCHS members and volunteers. The choices were delicious and abundant and it enables us to show our great appreciation to all who volunteer on the Day of Caring.

DOC 2013 (6) DOC 2013 (44)

On behalf of all of us at the Centre County Historical Society, we extend our sincerest thanks to participating businesses, organizations and individuals who have graciously donated materials and labor and took time from your busy schedules to join us on the Day of Caring to make this incredible gift possible.

Mary Sorensen
Executive Director
Centre County Historical Society

Business and Organizational Partners who sponsored with materials and in-kind services:
Centre County United Way
Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Services, Inc.
David Horner & Associates, Inc.
Flynn Stone
Fox Hill Gardens
Giant Food Store, State College
Home Depot, State College
Lowe’s Home Improvement Store State College
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Sherwin Williams State College
Stadler Nursery
Subway State College
Valspar Paint
Weis Markets

Volunteering Organizations
Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Morgan Academic Support Center for Student Athletes
Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Penn State Football Team
Penn State Naval ROTC Bravo Company
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Penn State Smeal MBA Program
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
RJ Reynolds
RSVP of Centre County
Reliance Bank
Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
Sigma Nu Fraternity

Centre County Historical Society
Volunteers and Contributors:
Jill Aller
Susan Bachman
Allen Baney
Carol Baney
Katie Baney
Jeff Bower
Susan Bowser
Sharon Childs, Coordinator
Eric Childs
Monty Christiansen
Joyce Christini
Ed DeBrasky, Photography
Bob Donaldson
Elizabeth Dutton
Katie Frieden
Marshall Garrett
Bob Hazelton
Judy Heberling
Cathy Horner
Mike Husband
Bob Igo
Chris Igo
Beverly Lipski
Deb McManus
Jackie Melander
Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Megan Orient
Martha Orland
Carol Phillips
Deb Raykovitz
Lynn Royse
Johanna Sedgwick
Mary Sorensen
Vicki Spadaccio
Lee Stout
Suzann Tedesco
Vin Tedesco
Suzanne Thompson
Floyd Todd
Steve Wheeler

David Horner & Associates, Inc.
David Horner
Todd Schilling
Brian Volk

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Heather Cassoy
Joel Greene

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store State College
Ray Forziat

Jay Aubuchon
Carly Barry
Kristie Bundro
Byoung Chung
Joe Chura
Erica Cowan
Candy Day
Danielle DelCorso
Christian Fosmire
Santosh Kandregula
Lie-Ken Lee
Dave Nelson
Margie Nye
Zac O’Donnell
Carolina Pulido
Dan Rapsinski
Jill Sanderson
Dan Turenne
Steve Wilk
Jeremy Zerbe

Morgan Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes
Cheryl Anderson
Deloris Brobed
Linda Fetzer
Chelsea Holmes
Todd Kulka
Patrick McDermott
Adam Stover
Reid Vanderlinden


Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Brenda Condo
Beth Egan
Helene Monthley
Beth Oberdick
Diana Poorman
Pete Regopoulos
Moji Shahvali
Dawn Taylor

Penn State Football Team
Hunter Crafford
Gregg Garrity
Elijah Robinson
Kyle Searfoss
Jack Seymour

Penn State Naval ROTC, Bravo Company
Josh Addicks
Katherine Baile
Nathan Baker
Nathan Beatty
Jake Brumbach
Christian Cajigal
Grant Caspero
John Chanatry
Abner Casillas-Colon
Antoine Deraoui
Robert Edwards
Sarah Elyard
Andrew Erbs
Sean Garfola
Raydell Gay
Garrett Gourley
Megan Haney
Andrew Hartman
Sam Harvatine
Jacob Henderson
Thomas Hendrix
Craig Henriksen
Steve Joiner
Aubrey Kalbfleisch
Ryan Kelly
Tim Kerley
Jacob C. Kline
William Koch
Garrett Kolmer
Chris Konzel
Jordan Krick
Kristina Kullman
Mike Kwasnik
Lauren LaChance
Brendon Lee
Jackie Lepore
Shane Martin
Max Mazurowski
Garrett McCarthy
Stephen McKenzie
Stu McLaughlin
Luke Merski
Adam Miller
Jordan Miller
Harte Olechowski
Chanon Ortega
Christian Passwaters
Nick Peterson
Jacob Price
Harrison Pyle
Domenic Reif
Alex Robertson
Lesleigh Rodrigo
Ricardo Rojas
Graeme Rolfe
Aaron Sabean
Molly Schleicher
Austin Schumacher
Matthew Schweitzer
Ian Sell
Audry Sena
Matthew Shirk
Alan Sobocinski
Chris Sorbello
Kyle Stanford
Spencer Thompson
Austin Tokarz
Bryan Vargas Ortega
Joseph Vellucci
Griffin Walter
Suzanne Waters
Scott Whiteman
(cont’d. in next column…)

Penn State Naval ROTC, Bravo Company (cont’d.)
Wil Wilkinson
Brandon Yip
Matthew Zarkowski
Frank Zimmerman

Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Arboriculture
Drew Beben
Vince Benner
Forest Burghard
Jeff Dice
Jason Eboch

Kris Edson
Corby Fetterholf
Wayne Gates
Don Hassinger
Nate Haupt
Steve Kutches
Ryan McCaughey
Fred McMurtrie
Norm Parks
Lloyd A.P. Rhoades Jr.

Kyle Seyler
Jim Simpson
Ted Zeljak

Penn State Smeal MBA Program
Josh Mathis
Erik Orient
Sean Quinn

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
Darryl Jansen

Reliance Bank
Cindy Mock

RJ Reynolds
Andy Baysinger
Jim Fleming
Ellen Goldenberg
Todd Hiller
Amanda Lange
Stuart Lee
Howard Levenstein
Destiny Martz
Jon Peterson

Lori Stevens
Destiny Martz

 RSVP of Centre County
Linda Arble
Lydia Fox
Kathy Karchner
Patricia Kidder
Bob Kidder
Ben Malone
Joan Pecht
Sara Jo Pifer
Edwina Sims
Dick Wolf

Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
Larkin Hood
Kathy Jackson
Crystal Ramsay
Suzanne Weinstein

Sigma Nu Fraternity
Nick Ascoli
Evan Benedict
Alex Bloom
Austin Celil
Joseph Clavin
Tyler Delk
Troy Gilson
Derek Green
Tyler Jarrett
Ryan Kramer
Ryan Leckenby
William Longworth
Andrew Nenve
Dan Reynolds
Matt Richards
Cam Sabatini
Andrew Sail
Jack Scott
Ben Smith
Jon Sosner
Shaun Vadaketh
Andrew Woller